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Solar panels & battery storage for your home and business.

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What are the benefits of Solar Panels & Battery Storage?

  • Significantly reduce your energy bills.

  • Receive extra payments for the excess electricity you generate.

  • Cut your carbon footprint.

  • Generate electricity during the day and use this at night.

  • Buy electricity from the grid at night at cheaper tariffs.

Why choose us for your Solar installation?

  • 0% VAT on Solar & Battery storage*.

  • Our parts and labour warranty is insurance backed for 2 years.

  • Fully managed, done for you service.

  • No pressure selling approach.

  • Detail quotes broken down and easy to understand.

  • Face-to-face onsite visits as standard.

Let us talk about your solar panel or battery storage quote with you.


*0% VAT when solar panels are purchased on their own or combined with battery storage at the same time until 2027.

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Book a quote:

This link to the right allows you to book an appointment with one of our solar engineers, at a day and time to suit you. We don’t charge for quotes, and we don’t pressure sell. Our engineer will spend around 45 minutes discussing your options for solar panels, and brands on the market and we will measure the roof space. After the appointment, you will get a full proposal with all the information so you can decide if Solar Panels are right for you.

Have questions? Why not get in touch with our office team:

Bookings & Enquiries

Mon-Fri  9am-5pm

Engineer Lead

Ian & Adam are the company's owners and are both qualified in solar & battery storage design and installation. You will meet either Ian or Adam on your survey, who will guide you through your journey and the products available on the market. We offer face-to-face consultations to ensure the quote and products are right for you.


What are the benefits of Solar Panels?

Save the planet and your pocket.  The average solar system on a domestic house over 30 years will avoid 39 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to growing nearly 2500 trees for ten years.


Reduce your energy bills by up to 80%; typically, our customers experience little to no electricity bills during the summer months and significantly lower bills during the winter months. Solar Panels can be further improved with battery storage, changing energy providers to pay you to export electricity under the smart export guarantee scheme (SEG) and installing an intelligent EV charger (if you have an electric car).

What are the benefits of adding battery storage?

Solar storage batteries store the unused energy generated from the solar panels during sunlight hours. The power can then be used in the home at night.
This functionality is particularly beneficial when users are not at home during the day and want to make the most of their free solar panel electricity which would otherwise be wasted or sold back to the grid at a reduced rate.
In addition, most suppliers now offer a cheaper night tariff. So in the winter, the battery can also be used to purchase electricity at a more affordable night rate for use in the morning or on night-time electric heating.
*night-time energy buy-back is subject to battery provider and energy tariff options.


What maintenance is involved in having solar panels?

Solar panels have no moving parts and have a very straightforward maintenance schedule. Most manufacturers require annual service/testing to ensure the system functions correctly and regular panel cleaning (typically annually).

Will I need planning permission to install solar panels?

You generally won't need planning permission. In England and Wales, the Government's Planning Portal says panels are likely to be 'permitted development', meaning you don't need to apply for planning permission. Exceptions are if your property has a flat roof, is listed, or is in a conservation area. We will work with you,  the local council or a 3rd party building inspector to receive the appropriate permissions.

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