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With an increasing number of UK homeowners and businesses installing solar panels, achieving an eco-friendly home has never been easier. With the added benefits of reduced energy bills, and being able to apply for the government feed-in tariff, installing solar panels at your home can help you save money as well as the environment.


Our team can install the best in the latest technology of PV including smart monitoring systems. This means you can see your savings in real-time and in real numbers that matter, instead of staring at the metre wondering what those numbers mean. 


We can also install the latest on battery storage systems so you can use the energy you produce whenever you need it. This means you could even charge your Electric Vehicle during the night completely free.


We can provide a yearly savings calculation and help you design your system. 

We'd be happy to help! Please email your enquiry or plans over to us and one of our team will be in touch very soon.