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A Smart Home features intelligent automation and intuitive control of the lighting, heating, security, multimedia, shading, energy management and more. Your system learns what you like and how you like it, to run your home automatically just how you want it.


Your house knows how much sunlight is coming through the windows to intuitively dim lights and can even set scenes depending on the time of day.

It can switch the heating off when you have left the room and automatically play your favourite music when you walk into the bathroom in the morning but knows not to play it in the middle of the night.  

Your smart home will on average save you 60,000 actions per year! Giving you the time to focus on more important things.

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Lights will fade on and off as you walk in the room, unlike traditional sensors which rely upon just movement and turn off if you sit down on a sofa. Your smart sensor detects presence, allowing you to sit down and talk with friends without needing to wave your hands to turn the lights on.



Audio on a smart system is a lot more than just playing a song from a speaker.

Freely transfer audio from one room to the next, listen to different songs in different rooms or have the whole house playing the same music throughout with crystal clear quality audio. 



Individual room or zone control – Your smart system will link with both boilers and aircon units to create the perfect temperature in each room. Each room can be controlled independently, allowing for personal comfort.

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With a smart system, you can assign specific permissions to each user. For example, if you have a cleaner or gardener, you can grant them access during the day however at night their code and/or tag will not work.

Alarms can be set to disarm with proximity, so when your key fob is detected at your gates or your code entered, your alarm will automatically disarm. All of your smart systems link together to create a fully integrated alarm system. No need for separate sensors, the door contacts for your heating also work with your alarm. Your smart lighting and audio sensors also work as infrared 360-degree motion detectors. 

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