PRIVACY POLICY and the Apex Dome name is under the limited company of APEX DOMA LTD. APEX DOMA LTD is the data controller for APEX DOMA LTD.


APEX DOMA LTD's registered office:


63a Chapel Lane




If you have any questions or queries towards the Data Controller APEX DOMA LTD then please contact the office via a letter to the registered address above.


This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their 'Personal Information' is being used online. Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personal Information in accordance with our website.

APEX DOMA LTD has a valid SSL certificate issued to APEX DOMA LTD.

APEX DOMA LTD is hosted by a Third-Party Company.

APEX DOMA LTD is hosted on wixsite on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). APEX DOMA LTD is the owner and controller of the VPS and is administrated and maintained in house.

This website and its owners take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. This website complies to all UK national laws and requirements for user privacy.


Cookies are also used to enhance the user experience of the site. Not having cookies enabled may mean the site does not react in the way APEX DOMA LTD wish to have an end user experience.

Read our Cookie Policy here

Contacting Us

The legitimate interests of APEX DOMA LTD contacting you is to respond to any enquiries or queries which we have had to our website.

There are a number of ways in which you can contact APEX DOMA LTD:


Calling the phone number on the website 01625 817 900. Calls are not recorded.


APEX DOMA LTD does use post as a form of Marketing but this is targeted via 3rd party suppliers and is not targeted using personal data.

Website Contact Form

APEX DOMA LTD has a contact forms embedded on the website, this contact form is used as a point of contact. Information entered into the contact form with agreement to the privacy notice means a member of the APEX DOMA LTD will be able to contact you to discuss your booking / enquiry further:

The information we will ask for, so we can get in contact with the data subject is:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Message

This information is the minimum where APEX DOMA LTD get in contact with the data subject to progress through with a booking / home visit.


APEX DOMA LTD is required to work on CCTV systems either directly or via 3rd party companies. APEX DOMA LTD does not store any footage or recordings of any kind whilst working on these systems. 


Whilst working on systems, an engineer working for APEX DOMA LTD may view footage in line with normal working procedures. APEX DOMA LTD agrees not to disclose the nature of this footage to anyone outside of the organisation. 


APEX DOMA LTD appreciates that CCTV footage can be sensitive or private, the upmost care and consideration towards privacy is given at all times.


At the end of completion of job, we may choose to take photos of the work this is to help promote the work we do to gain further business via our website and social media. We never sell these images or pass them onto any other third parties.

We take images under “legitimate interest” of GDPR, so this isn’t covered in our normal Privacy Policy. Out of courtesy always ask for your verbal permission out of courtesy prior to taking and posting.

Please note: If you provide consent to allow us to process any of your personal data or we process data under “legitimate interest” you can withdraw your consent to such process at any time, by writing to the address above or by emailing


Security of information

APEX DOMA LTD takes measures to protect your data when entered on our website or when stored on Service M8 (back of house control system used to manage bookings).

These measures are to prevent or stop the unauthorized, unlawful or accidental deletion or changes which are made to the system.

Access is given to the minimal level for staff to actively perform in their roles. Access is Geographically limited with username and password access needed to view data. Data is stored in cloud server and is backed up to a secure location to ensure disaster recovery procedures are adhered too.

Test certificates for properties must be kept for 6 years after testing for insurance purposes, these are stored on a cloud based system called “Google Drive”.

APEX DOMA LTD as a domain uses SSL Software (SSL) to encrypt any data transfers which are made through our domain/website.

Service M8 privacy policy can be viewed here:

Google storage privacy policy:

Information Regarding Third Parties (3rd Parties)

We do not receive data direct from third parties, but our website may be a link on another contact form from sources like social media.

This is done so APEX DOMA LTD can provide the service of the Advert or Website from which the link was clicked on.

APEX DOMA LTD does not use or obtain data subject records from third parties. APEX DOMA LTD uses its own direct marketing through forms of social media, PPC (such as Google) and radio advertisements. 

We do not sell, trade or transfer data to outside parties (third parties) and advertising platforms such as mail chimp, send grid, Wix, Facebook, twitter and Instagram which are all used for the purpose of advertising. Data is not passed on to any other third party companies and would only be done at the request and confirmation of the data subject or party of the data subject.



Rights of a Data Subject

As a Data Subject with APEX DOMA LTD you have rights under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Subject Access Request (SAR)

A Subject Access Request can be made by any data subject. APEX DOMA LTD will comply with these requests as soon as possible after the identity of the data subject has been confirmed.

To make an SAR with APEX DOMA LTD please direct your request via email to: with the subject line “Subject Access Request” and please provide as much information as possible to aid us in performing this task.

You can also contact APEX DOMA LTD via post to:

Apex Doma Ltd.

63a Chapel Lane




Within this letter again please provide as much information as you can to allow us to perform in this task.

We have provided a link to the ICO guidelines on Subject Access Requests below.