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We work alongside gas fitters and boiler engineers to install a whole range of heating control systems from simple traditional manual room thermostats, digital room thermostats, HIVE and fully blown zoned smart heating systems. The type and layout of boiler system will typically dictate the style and type of heating controls that are compatible. 

If you want to fit new controls to your old boiler or if you are installing a new heating system, we'd be happy to talk through your options. 

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Transform your home with Smart Technology & Automation.

A Smart Home features intelligent automation and intuitive control of the lighting, heating, security, multimedia, shading, energy management and more. Your system learns what you like and how you like it, to run your home automatically just how you want it.

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Upgrade your home with the latest smart technology.


Electric underfloor heating can be installed under tiles, wood or laminate flooring. It can be the perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen to take the chill off the tiles in the morning. 


Electric underfloor heating is also a perfect solution for rooms where you do not want or can't install a radiator. The system is cut to size, so it can be designed to fit under any size and share of the floor space.