Your fuse board is the main electrical unit in your home. It is responsible for taking the main supply of electricity coming in and distributing it around all the circuits in your home. Having an up to date fuse board is essential for safety, as it monitors the load on each circuit and will trip to shut them off and protect your property and its occupants.


We only install the best quality fuse boards to ensure maximum safety and minimum downtime.

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18th edition


Safety regulations have improved with new technologies; this has enabled electricians to make electrical installations much safer.


The new 18th edition wiring regulations implemented a number of changes which affect mains boards, making for safer and longer lasting electrical installations. 

Metal Containment

Regulations changed because if the system develops a fault and a fire starts, the metal containment will retain the fire within the board preventing it from spreading.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

Otherwise known as fuses, these protective devices stop short circuits between live and neutral. They also stop overloading of the circuits which prevents fires, damage to electrical appliances and electric shocks.

RCD protection

Your new mains board will come with either one or two RCDs as standard. This protective device ensures metal sinks, pipes and metal socket fronts do not become live under fault


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