Our team offer testing and inspecting for landlords, home-buyers and home owners.  We also offer 3rd party testing and inspecting for installations which need signing off for building control.

Testing and Inspecting is a must for all new and existing installations.


Our registration


It is important that you get work done by businesses and tradesmen who are committed to quality & safety. We are certified with NAPIT and registered with the Competent Persons Scheme, with all the required insurance, so you can choose us with complete peace of mind.


18th edition


There are three main types of electrical safety test report.


Safety regulations have improved with new technologies; this has enabled electricians to make electrical installations much safer.


The new 18th edition wiring regulations implemented a number of changes which affect mains boards, making for safer and longer lasting electrical installations. 

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

EICR testing tests all fixed wiring and outlets (like sockets & switches) all tests cover everything in an installation you can see as

well as everything you can’t see, like cables behind walls or buried beneath the ground. This testing is really in-depth and the certificate produced usually lasts 5 years.

minor works certificate

We issue these tests when we adapt or add to an existing circuit in

the building. This test and certificate shows the installation we have done is safe and that the existing circuit is also safe to be used in operation. It doesn’t test any of the existing circuits in the house.

electrical installation certificate (EIC)

This type of certification is completed when we

install a new mains board, new circuit or do a complete rewire of the house. Alongside this testing we then may issue a building control certificate if needed.

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