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EV Charging For Your Home & Business

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Why choose us for EV Charging Installation?

Apex Doma can supply and install many types of 7kw and 22kw electric car chargers

If you’re looking for an electric car charger for home, the two main types are tethered and untethered. In the tethered units, the lead is fixed to the wall, whereas with an untethered unit you can take the charging cable with you in the boot for charging on the go.

There are many things we consider with you before having your charging point installed; where is the electrical supply coming from? Do you want the charger to be visible or out of sight? An electric car charger installation comes down to personal preference, and we are happy to talk through all the options with you.

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Electric car charging points for all hybrid & electric vehicles

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Office team

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Mon-Fri  9am-5pm

EV Charging points we supply & fit:

3.6kw, 7kw or 22kw options

Compatible with all plug-in vehicles; from a Nissan Leaf to an Audi eTron

Smart chargers for off-peak energy tariffs to reduce the cost per charge

EV chargers with up to 8m reach

Tethered & Untethered models

Simple installation can be set up in as little as 2 hours


Tethered only (5m, 7.5m & 10m charger), Smart charger with an app for scheduling, energy monitoring and locking off to unwanted users, LED lighting on front and rear to see car charging status, 7kw and 22kw charging speeds*, 3 x choices of coloured front (grey, white and black), integrated PEN fault monitoring as standard, Type 2 charging compatible.


Smart charger with an app for scheduling, energy monitoring and locking off to unwanted users, compact design (65% smaller than other chargers), 7kw and 22kw charging speeds*, 4G sim built in for poor WIFI areas, untethered version only, 5 x choices of coloured front, integrated PEN fault monitoring as standard, Type 2 charging compatible.


Tethered (6.5m) and Untethered versions, two coloured fronts (black and white). Fantastic integrations for users with solar panels (or if you are likely to be getting solar panels in the near future). 7kw & 22kw versions. Smart charger with an app for scheduling, energy monitoring and locking off to unwanted users. WIFI only & Type 2 charging compatible. Handy screen for viewing charging in real time. PEN fault monitoring built in.


Premium charger, 7kw & 22kw versions, solar compatible (optional extra), tethered only, (5.5m & 8.5m -7kw) (6.5m – 22kw). Cables hidden, 96 colour combinations with metal & accoya wood finishes, handy light for finding & tidying the charging head at night. Type 2 for hybrid and fully electric vehicles. WIFI connectivity. Smart charger with an app for scheduling, energy monitoring and locking off to unwanted users. PEN fault monitoring built in.

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What are the benefits to charging my car at home?

Cost – whilst there is a cost upfront to installing a home charger, with night time EV rates costing 60% less than standard at home charging and often being 75 – 80% cheaper than forecourt charging, the cost to run your EV from home when on a smart energy tariff is significantly cheaper. If you have solar panels, you can also make use of free electricity generated via your panels. 

Security – Charging your car on the drive or in your garage will always be more secure than a supermarket or petrol forecourt car park, particularly when leaving overnight. All chargers now come with the ability to lock off the charger either via the charger itself / pin code or via the smart app. This stops unwanted users using your charger when you aren’t at your property, giving you complete control. If you are a business user, this stops the general public who aren’t paying or aren’t your customers from using the charger.

Convenience – When parked at home, you can charge your car 24 hours a day without having to wait for a charger to come free at a public charging station. No need to look for a charger or have range anxiety when you have a charger at home.

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Choose the right EV charger for you

We are approved to install four different fantastic brands of EV chargers. Choose the charger that you want to be installed. If you have any questions, speak to one of our experts.

Book a survey


We aren’t faceless; our team offer an in-person minimal-hassle surveying process. Our team will visit on a day/ time to suit you, answer any questions, and talk you through the installation process.



We don’t hang around; we will send over a quote straight after the visit. Unlike other online companies we survey in person, we will consider the whole installation to give you an exact fixed cost.


Book your installation

We will order your charger and book installation if you are happy with the quote. Our average install time from order to installation is seven days.


Select your energy tariff

Save money on energy bills by switching to a specialised electric vehicle home energy tariff. On average, this will save you 2/3 of the cost of running your car.

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I’ve used Apex Doma on a number of occasions, and every experience has been excellent. Without a doubt they are my first point of call now - excellent from start to finish, the office support lets me know when they are coming (and they always turn up on time!). I can’t recommend highly enough.

Setting the standard for service

Carried out the work efficiently and with minimum disruption to me, also happy to discuss technical options and gave me useful information to help to decide what was needed I'd use Apex Doma again for any future work.

Replacement Fusebox

The engineer arrived when promised and tidied up after himself when the job was completed. There was a small problem with the installation, but this was corrected without any fuss.

Work carried out as promised.

Sam Morgan came out from Apex Doma to fit an-extra socket in my sons bedroom. What a professional, friendly lovely electrician. Work was spot on and he cleaned up after. I would highly recommend Apex Doma and will definitely use them again. One very happy customer. Thank you!

Extra plug socket

Frequently Asked Questions

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Other Home Appliances

Charging your car WILL NOT affect use of other household appliances if installed correctly & to the right specifications.

I won't know what it'll cost me

Incorrect. All our chargers have apps with the ability to enter your electricity rate giving you clear information on your spend to charge your car.

Other people can charge if I'm not home

All chargers come with the ability to lock the charger to secure it whilst you're out of the home.


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