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If you are planning to do a self-build, renovation, re-wire an old installation, extension wiring or if you are a builder looking to subcontract to an electrician, Apex Doma can re-wire or partially rewire almost any type of house.  

We have a team with a broad range of skills, allowing us to make almost anything possible for your home - from a simple 1 bedroom apartment to an 8 bedroom home. Our team can install intercom systems for gates, smart lighting, heating controls, audio cinema rooms and swimming pool systems. 

We always believe in fair, simple and transparent pricing.

renovating is a great opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of your home

aerials & data points

If you want us to mount TVs on to a wall, we can replace and hide these cables in the walls. Great for hard wiring TVs to watch Netflix or for games consoles.

Sockets & switches

Upgrade from simple white plastic fronts to brushed chrome, brass, copper, black or maybe even iridium socket fronts.


Downlights, chandeliers or just a simple pendant fitting. All new lighting is LED as standard.

heating system

Simple Hive or Nest system which allows you to control your heating from your phone, wall controls and tablet.


A high quality fuse board ensures your installation works seamlessly and safely all the time. We work with some of the top brands like Hager, Wylex, Fuse Box and Schneider. Make your installation as safe as it can be. 

Transform your home with Smart Technology & Automation.

A Smart Home features intelligent automation and intuitive control of the lighting, heating, security, multimedia, shading, energy management and more. Your system learns what you like and how you like it, to run your home automatically just how you want it.

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Upgrade your home with the latest smart technology.

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Heating systems

Electric underfloor heating can be installed under tiles, wood or laminate flooring. It can be the perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen to take the chill off the tiles in the morning.

are you looking for inspiration or a quote based on your plans?

We'd be happy to help! Please email your enquiry or plans over to us and one of our team will be in touch very soon.

Rewire & Rennovation FAQs

What does a rewire or partial rewire involve?

Any renovation or rewire project is split into two phases; these are referred to as the 1st & 2nd fix. The 1st fix involves the safe decommissioning of your old mains board and removal of old cable, sockets and switches and we then put new cables in place where you need them. This does require some disruption to the fabric / plaster of the building and is done prior to any plastering or decoration. During this phase there will be minimal power to the building as we put the new infrastructure in place. Once the plasterers have been in and the walls are ready, we will return for the 2nd fix stage. This is where we install lighting, sockets, audio equipment, CCTV, alarms and your new mains board all to your specification. Finally the new system is all tested, a building control certificate is issued and you are then left to enjoy your new home.

Will I receive a building control certificate?

Where necessary, all installations are tested and inspected as well as a building control certificate issued.

How long does a rewire take?

This will vary depending upon the type of installation, an average 2/3 bedroom home will take a team of two electricians 5 days in total, split into two phases for first and second fix. If you are working to specific time constraints, we will ensure we have enough resource available to meet these demands. For larger bespoke projects, we will be happy to give you a quote based on your plans, please email ian@adelectricalwilmslow.co.uk

How do I know if I need a rewire?

If you aren’t sure if you need a rewire, we can provide fixed wire (EICR / Periodic testing) to test the existing installation. We always treat our customers as if they were our family, we wont advise for any unnecessary work unless it is required.

How long does a new wiring installation last?

Typical wiring installations last 25 – 40 years, they deteriorate overtime with normal usage. Installations can last longer if they are looked after and well maintained during their life time. If you aren’t sure if your house needs a re-wire we can test and inspect your house to give you an opinion.