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Domestic Electrical Contractors

Electricians  for your home; you can trust and rely on

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The four main domestic electrical services we offer

Solar Panel & Battery Storage

Apex Doma offer various solutions to help reduce your energy bills over the long term.


EV Car Chargers

Anderson, Easee, Hypervolt & Zappi car charging systems.

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EICRs (Landlord & Home Buyer)

Apex Doma offer a full range of electrical installation condition reports for homeowners, home buyers and landlords.


Fuse board replacement

If it is time to upgrade your fuse board, get this completed to the highest standards.



Why choose us for your Domestic Electrical Work?

Apex Doma is a proud family-run business based in Wilmslow, Cheshire.  With over 30 years of combined experience spanning multiple electrical industry sectors.  Our work is carried out by our highly skilled engineers and technicians, most of whom have started as apprentices and have grown with the business.


Our team differentiates not only through customer service but also through our end-to-end field service management software system. This lets us track your domestic electrical project, ensuring our engineers turn up on time with suitable materials; you get handy reminders of your visit, and engineers can send you a text while keeping your personal information safe.


No salespeople, just engineers. Our team operate a low-pressure sales process; let's face it, no one likes salespeople with a high-pressure sales target. So, we don’t have them; we discuss what you want, design your installation, give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and allow our design, experience, and reviews to sell themselves. 


We are well known for providing quality work; this is reflected in our NICEIC Approved Contractor, Which? Trusted Trader, MCS & RECC registrations.

What are the benefits of using a good electrical company to complete your domestic electrical work?

With Apex Doma, you will be supported by our local family-run team from the first call. We will listen carefully to what you want to achieve and works on the most suitable, cost-effective plan.


Ready to work on your project? We have experienced engineers with a wide range of knowledge and diverse skill sets, supported by a motivated office team to oversee your electrical job.


1. It's a team effort - Apex Doma has a knowledgeable customer service and management team based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, ready for you. We work as a cohesive team to ensure we turn up on time, return your calls, and complete the job on budget.

2. Competency - Our team take their experience, creativity, and can-do attitude to every project. Our team has uniforms, sign-written vans, calibrated test equipment and the proper training to ensure your job is done right the first time professionally.

3. We are Which? Trusted Traders – Our team are proud of being Which? Trusted traders’ scheme. Each year we are audited by the stringent Which? Audit team. The checks ensure our team has DBS checks in place, contracts are fair and reasonable, our finances are in order, and we are appropriately insured.

Parallel Lines

What does a typical process look like when working on your domestic premises?

Do you need to survey before being able to quote?

Not always, we can give quotations for EICRs (landlords & home buyers) over the phone or via email. If we have recently completed an EICR at your property and there were faults, we will automatically issue a remedial quote within seven days of report dispatch. If it is for an EV charger, solar system, fuse board replacement, or anything else, get in touch with the team, and one of our engineers will come over, discuss your job, and complete a survey for you. For local surveys, we don’t charge.

Will there be any electrical downtime?

Almost all electrical work requires electrical downtime to ensure our engineers are safe. If we are working on only one circuit, it is often possible to isolate that one, allowing you to continue using the rest of your system. All our work is planned to cause minimum levels of disturbance. For a typical EICR, the power to all circuits being tested would be turned off for anywhere between 2 - 4 hours. For all other types of work, we will advise you of the predicted downtime at the point of quotation. If you ever have any questions, our friendly office team will always be on hand to answer questions. 

Do I get a certificate?

Almost all work we do will have NICEIC certification, the only work that doesn’t is maintenance work like a light fitting replacement where we aren’t altering the wiring. For everything else, you will be issued either a minor works certificate, EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate) or EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report).


If we complete an EV charger or Solar Installation for you, we will notify your electricity supplier, typically Electricity Northwest.


If we are completing a fuse board replacement or work covered under Part P, we will notify building control on your behalf via the NICEIC portal.


Notifications, paperwork and certifications are all completed as standard without request from you (unless otherwise detailed in our quotation).

Do you warranty your work?



We give a minimum of a 12-month parts and labour warranty for general electrical work, and for solar & battery storage, we offer a 2-year parts and labour warranty.


The only exception is where we have provided a labour-only service.


*Full Ts&Cs are available on every quote issued.

I’ve used Apex Doma on a number of occasions, and every experience has been excellent. Without a doubt they are my first point of call now - excellent from start to finish, the office support lets me know when they are coming (and they always turn up on time!). I can’t recommend highly enough.

Setting the standard for service

Carried out the work efficiently and with minimum disruption to me, also happy to discuss technical options and gave me useful information to help to decide what was needed I'd use Apex Doma again for any future work.

Replacement Fusebox

The engineer arrived when promised and tidied up after himself when the job was completed. There was a small problem with the installation, but this was corrected without any fuss.

Work carried out as promised.

Sam Morgan came out from Apex Doma to fit an-extra socket in my sons bedroom. What a professional, friendly lovely electrician. Work was spot on and he cleaned up after. I would highly recommend Apex Doma and will definitely use them again. One very happy customer. Thank you!

Extra plug socket

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I do my own electrical work and then get you to sign it off?

NICEIC does not operate a third-party inspection scheme that certifies contractors to conduct the initial verification, testing and inspection of someone else’s domestic electrical installation work. NICEIC rejected the opportunity to operate such a scheme amid safety concerns about how it would operate.


Apex Doma cannot sign off other people's work; all NICEIC contractors and domestic installers will be the same.


The only work Apex Doma is authorised to sign off on is our own or periodic as part of an EICR. Our friendly administration team is always on hand for questions about what we can/can’t sign off. Our goal is always to leave you with a safe, signed-off system whilst adhering to the regulator's strict standards.

It is the electrician's responsibility to plaster and paint a wall after completing work.

The Apex Doma team will always be transparent in managing expectations of what damage would be caused when installing new cables. It is common during re-wires and new circuit installations to need to chase plasterwork out. We constantly endeavour to reduce the amount of plaster exposure. Still, where there is planned exposure of the plaster, we would work closely with your plasterer to ensure that the end finish is exactly what you were looking for.


If this is your first time instructing an electrician, our engineer will always talk you through what is planned and what you should expect.

My EICR is valid for ten years.

The first time a property is signed off, the initial test certificate is valid for ten years. This is called an EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate). It works a bit like an MOT for a new car; during this first period, it is unlikely the installation will have any significant issues and therefore doesn’t need testing until the ten-year point, after which it is recommended an EICR is carried out every five years to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.


It may be the case that the engineer shortens the testing window on an EICR to as little as 12 months if the installation is older and requires more regular maintenance. For Landlords to comply with Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector 2020, they must have testing intervals of at most five years (even if they still have a valid ten-year certificate). This is because rental properties are more likely statistically to deteriorate faster, so the testing intervals are shorter. All landlords must now have a valid EICR and have their rental property re-tested every five years. This is the law and not just guidance.


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