Data and telecommunications are a key part of any new installation, our team can install hard wired ethernet connections, data points or access points (for better WIFI) hardwired ethernet devices (computers, servers, smart heating systems etc), VOIP based telephones as well as other devices that require an internet connection. 

what we do


Access points are typically installed in each room, for larger areas it may be necessary to install multiple points. Each access point can hold multiple users on the internet at any one time. Our team take a dedicated hardwired connection from your data cabinet / router to each access point allowing for a super-fast to every room.


Most desktop computers, smart heating systems, machines, printers, franking machines, alarms and servers require a hard-wired connection to the internet. We can provide ethernet (RJ45) connection spots around your office, cables can either be mounted inside of the wall in conduit or inside of dado rail.


VOIP telephones require an ethernet connection, usually to a separate hardwire switch (a device in your server room). VOIP phones may also need either Cat 6 or screened CAT 7 cables depending on manufacturer requirements, which we can install. Our team are able to provide all of the hardware and cabling, to get your VOIP telephone system working in your workspace. 

data cabinets

A D Electrical can remove old data cabinets and replace with new super-fast modern systems to allow for unhindered connection around your building.  We will work alongside your IT engineers, to allow for internal server migration, install CCTV systems in your data cabinet and much more.