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Commercial Energy Reduction

Reduce your business's energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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These are the central energy reduction systems we can implement for your business:

Solar Panels

Single-phase and three-phase solar panel systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

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LED Lighting and occupancy sensors 

Upgrade inefficient fluorescent or halogen lighting with modern low-energy LED lighting using up to 80% less energy when combined with an occupancy sensor


EV Charging

Reduce your company fuel bill, go green and power your vehicles with low-carbon electricity; make use of night rates if parked overnight and charge customers with pay-to-charge solutions.

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Infrared Heating System

Replace old electric convection heaters with modern infrared heating panels or ceiling tiles. Use, on average, 50% less energy to heat the same space vs convection heating.

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Why choose us to reduce your business's energy bills?

Apex Doma is a proud family-run business based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Our work is carried out by our highly skilled engineers and technicians, most of whom have started as apprentices and have grown with the business. With over 30 years of combined experience in energy reduction systems.


No salespeople, just engineers. Our administration team will organise one of our engineers to conduct a site visit; we can look specifically at your business, discuss your energy-saving objectives, and look to see how we achieve maximum reduction in your carbon footprint and energy bills.


Our team operate a low-pressure sales process; let's face it, no one likes salespeople with a high-pressure sales target. So, we don’t have them; we design the installation, give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and allow our design, experience, and reviews to sell themselves.


We are well known for providing quality work; this is reflected in our NICEIC Approved Contractor, Which? Trusted Trader, MCS & RECC registrations.

What are the benefits of using good electrical contractors to complete your work?

1. Minimum downtime – Our objective for your business is minimum downtime when we plan your work. Every company we work with is different, and the last thing you want is a disturbance to your workflow, so we will always aim to work around your systems and structure to ensure you keep working whilst work takes place.


2.  Experience – Energy reduction isn’t new to us. Our business owners have been improving businesses energy efficiency for businesses since 2008, adapting to new technologies as they get brought into the sector.


3. Brand image – In addition to energy bills and carbon footprint reduction for your peace of mind, customers want to see companies that go green. Our work and accreditations can also help the marketing and sales of your business.

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What does Apex Doma do to achieve energy reduction for your business?

Apex Doma has end-to-end systems in place; this starts from the first phone call with our administration team to site management, project planning, material delivery, installation, commissioning and then the final handover documentation. We handle the whole project from start to finish. We are done for you, in-house business, unlike other companies who take your details and look to subcontract your job to the highest bidder. 


For you, we can handle waste such as fluorescent tubes covered by WEE regulations; we ensure that RAMS documentation is completed for site safety and that you, as our customer, are updated throughout the installation journey. If you have questions or want our management team to lease with other contractors on-site, we can handle this process professionally on your behalf.


We aim to inform you of the products and solutions available to your business and pragmatically approach your objective with information on likely cost reductions. All our work is warranted; we also offer service packages to ensure your energy saving continues.

I’ve used Apex Doma on a number of occasions, and every experience has been excellent. Without a doubt they are my first point of call now - excellent from start to finish, the office support lets me know when they are coming (and they always turn up on time!). I can’t recommend highly enough.

Setting the standard for service

Carried out the work efficiently and with minimum disruption to me, also happy to discuss technical options and gave me useful information to help to decide what was needed I'd use Apex Doma again for any future work.

Replacement Fusebox

The engineer arrived when promised and tidied up after himself when the job was completed. There was a small problem with the installation, but this was corrected without any fuss.

Work carried out as promised.

Sam Morgan came out from Apex Doma to fit an-extra socket in my sons bedroom. What a professional, friendly lovely electrician. Work was spot on and he cleaned up after. I would highly recommend Apex Doma and will definitely use them again. One very happy customer. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Solar panel payback times make the return on investment not worthwhile.

Solar installation is a long-term sustainable, low-maintenance method of energy reduction. The landscape has changed significantly for businesses wishing to install solar panels with the significant increases in energy costs from the national grid. Five years ago, payback was around 25 years; fast forward to today, and businesses are re-cooping costs in as little as seven years.

I won’t generate any electricity in the winter.

This is subjective. Statistically, solar systems generate significantly more energy during the summer as there is more sun. Solar panels work best from the months of March – September. Outside of these months, some power will be generated, but your business will be predominantly grid dependent. It is possible to further mitigate this by installing battery storage systems, which can purchase power during off-peak periods to be used during the day. In practicality, battery storage works well for low-usage businesses like offices as they consistently use low power volumes.  Businesses that have overgeneration during the summer can also benefit by selling electricity back to the grid, providing their energy provider allows this.

I don’t need to seek permission from my energy supplier to install solar panels on my business premises.

Smaller businesses don’t need to seek advanced permission when the system size is covered under a G98 application (16A or less), roughly speaking, a 10-panel system. A qualified person needs to submit this paperwork within 28 days of completion in this scenario.


You must submit a G99 application to the electrical distributor for larger solar arrays or those coupled with larger battery storage systems. Our team will help you with this as part of our service; we can also meet with the distributor if they have any questions. The government supports businesses in installing systems to reduce their bills and carbon footprint; however, there are delays as distributors need help to keep up with demand. So, if you are considering this for your business, it is often worth submitting for permission with some notice.


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